Jim kellison

Jim kellison

EXOTIC Kellison J-4R... Real dragster on board!

Grief Support. James Morris Kellison.

Kellison: The Fiberglass Body You’ve Been Waiting For

Send Flowers. Share James's life story with friends and family. Born in Sacramento, Calif. He was a Yuba Sutter resident for 25 years. James was co-owner of the Diamond Palace. He joined the U. He received several ribbons and medals during his service.

Prior to joining the Army, Jim spent several years in Lincoln with his dad manufacturing the Kellison Stallion, a limited edition luxury sports car. He is preceded in death by his father James Frank Kellison. Services will be held Tuesday, April 26, at 1 p. Chapel of the Twin Cities. Order by phone: May God bless you and your As the days and weeks pass, and May your heart still be filled In the loving memory of a wonderful May the love of friends and Grief can be so hard, but Get email updates for this page.

Add Memory. Posting Guidelines FAQ. August 1, Lisa I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.The Jalopy Journal. Posted by Ryan on April 6, and filed under: History. Kit cars have always been a scam of sorts. You know, you see an ad in the back of Hot Rod or Car Craft promising a super exotic car with untouchable performance numbers for an impossibly cheap price. Some folks fell for it and dropped their dough only to receive a kit that barely had enough parts to mock up a body and maybe bolt up some wheels.

The details were entirely missing… As such, a very low percentage of any kit car offering was ever actually completed. Most of them lay helplessly incomplete in a garage or storage facility somewhere.

Absolute junk. The Kellison was built first and foremost as a race car ready to compete against Ferraris, Alfas, and Porsches of the day. Jim Kellison started the Kellison company with a grand vision and one beautifully designed body. The Kellison J-4 was first offered in as a fiberglass body either coupe or roadster ready to be mounted on a number of late model under pinnings, but mainly targeted towards the Corvette chassis of the day.

jim kellison

InMotorTrend got a hold of a factory built Kellison coupe and put it through its paces. The results were more than disappointing to Jim — they were devastating. Chuck designed a box tube frame with tube axles at both ends initially and then improved the design by implementing an x-frame and late-model corvette suspension front and rear.

By all accounts, the new Kellison platform was a huge improvement. From to or so, you can find numerous mentions in various magazines of the day of a Kellison dominating a class win here or doing well in another there. At least it seems to me, Jim Kellison and his J-car had hit their stride.

jim kellison

Other models from Kellison began to surface as well. Finally, even smaller J-2 and J-1 bodies were developed for Renault and Triumph chassis. And then it all just kind of stopped.

There would be no Cobra rivalry, no great Lemans wins, nothing… It just stopped. Manning went on to build more Indy cars and Jim Kellison went on to manufacturer dune buggy kit cars and other fad serving designs.

The J-cars seemed to just vanish as well. Whatever be the case, there is one certainty in all of this. The original Kellison J-car is without doubt one of the mote gorgeously penned designs of its time.

The Kellison

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What our clients say I worked with Jim on two expansion projects He's top-notch! Croix Harley-Davidson. Working with Jim was a blessing! When we set deadlines he met them every time.

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Together, we hurdled obstacles instead of falling into them. James Kellison Office: Fax: jimk kelco-services.For Mature Adults Only! Please allow all 25 pictures to download completely before scrolling down. Could this be the ultimate thrill machine? Possibly even the ultimate adult toy? You be the judge. Please allow me to introduce you to the contender, dressed in black wardrobe with pearl blue overcoat:. By the early s, the culmination of his efforts, the J-5, had made history not only on drag strips and road-race courses, but also had reached a top speed of MPH on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah.

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Undoubtedly inspired by the nascent sport of drag racing, early Kellisons featured a inch wheelbase. Kellison is still alive and well today, living in Marysville, CA, where he runs a diamond and jewelry exchange. One of only a handful of street-legal pure-bred Kellisons in the country, LUZ features the original black and yellow license plates that were assigned to the car in Very importantly, this particular example of the marque was ordered from the factory as a body-frame combination.

Built in a rigid jig, the 3x4-inch tubular frame was constructed of. The car has never been in an accident, and the frame is rust-free and unaltered. Rack-and-pinion steering connects to the ''65 Corvette front suspension, and the rear leaf springs support a '57 Chevrolet rear end with 3.

The upholstery of the Kellison has been faithfully replicated after illustrations found in the original factory brochures facsimiles of which are included with the car. All-black interior features '60s style Detroit loop carpeting and tuck-and-roll kick panels and headliner.

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The specially designed lightweight competition bucket seats have black slip-on Naugahyde covers with silver piping. Cup holders not included! If you'd like to cruise in comfort, X-Rated is not for you.

It is like a wild and exciting animal, slightly tamed to obey and licensed to prowl the streets, but it will never be a pussy cat. The engine was built as a dual-purpose unit, with street and competition use in mind.

Beginning with a matching Corvette block of cubic inches that was bored. The whole assembly was carefully balanced. Careful matching of combustion chambers and piston design enables the mill to perform outstandingly even on pump gas.

So how does this Hot Rod driveyou may ask? Nothing dramatic, really, assuming you have at least some experience in piloting a vintage dragster and don't mind the adrenaline rush commonly associated with bungee jumping.James Morris Kellison.

It is with extreme sadness that we mourn the passing of our beloved brother and Jim's fourth son, James Morris Kellison. Jim was also called Jimmy by those who knew him well.

He bore both his grandfathers, his middle nameand his fathers name. Jim was an accomplished man in his own right.

jim kellison

He graduated from Lincoln High School, played trumpet in the band and was the high school band's drum major. He went on to play and march in the Capitol Freelances, Sacramento's drum and bugle core marching band. He attended Sacramento City College with the intention of becoming a pilot in the military.

1959 Kellison J5 Coupe

He achieved this goal when he became a helicopter pilot in the lead scout position for a Cobra gunship formation in the st Airborne Division of the United Sates Army during the first Gulf War. Jim also spent a number of years prior to joining the army working with his dad in the manufacturing of the Stallion. After completing his tour of duty, he joined his father and sister in the family jewelry business.

After Jim Sr. Jim suffered from numerous medical problems during recent years that eventually led to internal organ failure. He passed on April 11th, at his home in Yuba City, California surrounded by his loving family.

jim kellison

Words cannot adequately express the loss we feel and how much he will be missed. He will be forever in our hearts and memories.Into stunning s sports car designs, but don't want to pay extravagant prices to own one? This car might be a good fit for you. You should buy it. Welcome to You Must Buyour daily look at the cars you really should be buying instead of that boring commuter sedan. Kellison Engineering was founded in by Jim Kellison, a fighter pilot who fought in the Korean War.

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The J5 you see here was an evolution of the company's first car, the J4, which features an extended wheelbase and a slightly higher roofline. This one is an R version, meaning a lighter body meant for racing competition. Under the hood sits a cubic-inch Chevrolet V-8 engine with quad carburetors, sending power to the rear wheels via a manual transmission.

Though it may lack an exotic badge and motorsport pedigree, the design of the Kellison is right on par with the best sports cars of the s. The low roof line, exaggerated fender humps, and long overhangs all come together to create a truly stunning vehicle.

And because there's no big brand name attached to this thing, it's not nearly as expensive as you'd think. Join Now. New Cars. Car Culture. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Remembering John Lamm. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From You Must Buy.What an aggressive looking car. That would be neat and may be true but time will tell. What happened to the J1 and K1? I believe the J1 existed did but the K1? Good friend and our Kellison guru here at Forgotten FiberglassBob Peterson, is sending a copy of an early brochure with a red and white cover.

Did it exist? How were they used? Size may matter here…. The Kellison sports car bodies are beautiful…and represent the perfect integration of automotive artistry and construction. But more than this…Kellison sports car bodies are the result of professional racing and practical engineering experience, combined to produce outstanding products….

Most sports car enthusiasts want a readily available sports car body requiring little or no modifications. They want a durable, quality body equipped with desirable stress features and construction refinements….

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Kellison sports car bodies have been designed with this in mind, and in addition possess greater strength and durability due to integral stress construction. All are equipped with floor plan…inner wheel wheels….

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Headlight receptacles…. The J-4 Gran Tourismo body or complete sports car, if desired is recommended for the discriminating sports car owner who plans to do more than race. A variety of permanent, extremely durable corrosion resistant colors are available…. All colors are impregnated into the body glass to a depth of forty thousandths of an inch.

When ordering your Gran Tourisimo or Roaster simply state frame and wheelbase dimensions. Your Kellison fiber glass sports car body will arrive engineered to fit your specifications with the very minimum of frame modification. As with every image here on Forgotten Fiberglassremember you can click on the images below and make them appear larger on your screen. And remember, as with every image here on Forgotten Fiberglassremember you can click on the images below and make them appear larger on your screen.

The fiberglass creative design community was certainly a small one in Southern California gang. The Kellison was clearly one of the most sexy designs ever produced. Its high waisted profile and its overall proportions really capture something special. I think this frame in the brochure was designed by Chuck Manning! Nice little link to yesterdays story.

I think someone on the HAMB site has a set of these plans. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content.

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