Father maskell brother bob

Father maskell brother bob

While Father Joseph Maskell is the priest who is discussed the most in The Keepersthere were many others accused of sexual abuse at Keough High School. According to the Baltimore SunMaskell denied the accusations until his death in Jean Hargadon Wehner, one of the most outspoken women against the priest, also discusses a Brother Bob in The Keepers. In the second episode of the Netflix documentary about the murder of nun Sister Cathy Cesnick and the string of sexual assaults that the show theorizes could have led to her death Wehner claims Cesnik knew about the abuse and her murder was a cover upWehner claims a Brother Bob allegedly raped her in Father Maskell's office.

Later in the series, she alleges that he said he was the one who murdered Sister Cathy. So who is Brother Bob and could he be the key to solving this year-old murder? Unfortunately, as The Keepers shows, his true identity is still unknown because Wehner believes Brother Bob could have just been a pseudonym used by Maskell. She claims she told the Catholic priest about experiencing sexual abuse when she was younger. Her story alleges that Magnus took advantage of this knowledge by saying God could not forgive her for this, and that he allegedly sexually abused her under the pretense that he was "healing" her.

Magnus died in before Wehner ever came forward with her allegations in the '90s. Bustle reached out to a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Baltimore who employed both Magnus and Maskell and oversaw Keough. The Church had this to say about allegations against Magnus: "An allegation of abuse against any priest or anyone representing the Church is deeply troubling and sad.

We feel shame and regret for anyone victimized and offer them our sincere prayers and support. Wehner claims that Father Maskell would join in on this abuse and eventually allegedly took over — as he was the chaplain and counselor at Keough. Although no sexual abuse charges were ever brought against Maskell before he died inNewsweek reports that the Archdiocese of Baltimore eventually removed him from his position because of the "credible allegations against him.

The Archdiocese also issued this lengthy statement acknowledging the accusations against Maskell. Beyond Wehner claiming she was sexually assaulted by these two priests, she alleged that Maskell started introducing other men into the alleged abuse.

According to Wehner, one of these men went by the name Brother Bob. Wehner says in the series, "I don't know that Bob was his real name or if it was just a pseudonym that Maskell gave him. Wehner's story of Brother Bob is particularly horrifying since she describes him as a volatile, loose cannon who was out of control.

She alleges that he raped her from behind and when he wasn't pulling out, Father Maskell allegedly stopped him so as not to get Wehner pregnant. But the Netflix documentary also addresses that Wehner thinks that Brother Bob is responsible for Sister Cathy's death.

At the end of the fourth episode, Wehner alleges that Brother Bob told her that although he didn't want to, he killed Sister Cathy. Whether this was the truth or a tactic to keep her from telling anyone about the alleged abuse is unknown.

In the final episode of The KeepersWehner claims she is remembering more details of Brother Bob as time goes on — like how he had markings on his abdomen. She also claims he said he knew Sister Cathy Cesnik and that he allegedly hit Cesnik when she allegedly told him she would be going to the police about the sexual abuse. According to Wehner, he allegedly said he didn't mean to kill her, but did. Wehner says that she can't force herself to recollect more about this mysterious figure.

Shaub and Hoskins claim that Father Maskell was connected to a circle of men who were powerful and possibly would have protected him.

With Wehner never knowing who this man really was and the murder taking place inthe truth about Brother Bob may never come out.Baltimore Archdiocese settles with a dozen victims allegedly abused by same priest The abuse is alleged to have stretched over a couple of different decades and may have happened some years ago, but the alleged victims are just now beginning to feel what they may call justice.

Breaking news and severe weather coverage are delivered with live streaming video. The case went unsolved for decades. Read on to learn about Father Joseph Maskell and his involvement in the case, which remains unsolved to this day. Together, the trio called the police and reported Cesnik as missing. Since her death, multiple former students have come forward, accusing Maskell of sexual abuse.

Maskell was raised in northeast Baltimore and attended Calvert Hall College. According to the Baltimore Sun, he trained for the priesthood at St. The first sexual abuse claim against Maskell surfaced in The civil suit motivated many other women to come forward with allegations of abuse.

Father Magnus, another priest at the high school, was also named in these accusations. A lot of power. One of the victims claimed that she had a recovered memory of his involvement in her death, but he was interviewed and never charged. Until his death inMaskell denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. Read More From Heavy. InMaskell died from the effects of a stroke at St.

He was Police spokesperson Elise Armacost, however, says these results do not clear Maskell as a suspect in the caseaccording to the Baltimore Sun. And we hope that someone will be able to come forward with conclusive information about the murder. According to a Huffington Post articleMaskell invited year-old high school junior Jean Hargadon Wehner on a drive in November Updated May 20, at am.

Published May 19, at pm.One in particular is Brother Bob. According to Wehner, Brother Bob abused her as well, along with Father Maskell and Father Magnus, but she has no recollection of his face.

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She believes Brother Bob could've easily been a pseudonym to keep his identity secret from the women he raped. She does, however, remember Brother Bob telling her that, although he didn't want to, he killed Cesnik. At the start of the documentary series, Wehner didn't remember much at all about Bob, likely because the abuse she experienced resulted in a lot of repressed memories. Over time, however, certain details started to come to her.

Brother Bob was one of several unidentified men who Father Maskell allegedly brought in to rape Wehner. She recalled him being more uncontrollable than the others, and had to be "reigned in" by Maskell on a number of occasions. Maskell may have also used Brother Bob's frightening behavior to scare Wehner into staying quiet about Cesnik's mysterious death in After Cesnik was killed, Maskell took Wehner to see her dead body.

Wehner, along with the many other women who were abused, have found little absolution with regard to holding their priest abusers accountable.

father maskell brother bob

It's understandably difficult to find solid evidence in a case that's so cold using accounts that are nothing more than spotty memories. Who is Brother Bob in 'The Keepers'?

father maskell brother bob

What we know about Sister Cathy's rumored killer. By Ally Hirschlag. Current Innovation Wellbeing Culture.While the mechanism of mental repression is a myth, forgetting history is very real. People have completely forgotten what was known in following the epidemic of daycare prosecutions employing suggestive interrogations of children leading to prison for innocents You can see it free on Youtube by typing in Divided Memories. This is a true documentary. A true documentary does not mean the science behind it isn't junk.

My sister and I witnessed the same murders. She repressed the memory, and I didn't.

father maskell brother bob

Every human and brain is different. Junk science has invaded psychology and the courts. Unfortunately, the psychological damage or long-term prison sentence has already been laid down as gospel.

Who Is Brother Bob In 'The Keepers'? He's A Mysterious Figure

We know little of psychology, and we know little of psychiatric science. Whether a victim or perpetrator, it's far safer to be shot than emotionally damaged. People can see physical damage. To many, accepting psychological damage is like believing in ghosts.

They generally don't get it until they lose one of their own and see the widespread destruction for themselves. I have no family. My father was the killer, and my mother was one of the victims. He might as well have killed me than to leave me in years of foster care, rejected by both families. I have no place to call home, literally or figuratively. Please tell me more about your knowledge of psychiatric issues. Mark, good luck with the book, thanks for the article. Its disheartening to think that journalistwho I thought were supposed to be impartial, have their own agenda when it comes to certain segments of the population like politicians, union leaders and the clergy, any derogatory remark is acceptable as long as it's aimed at them.

The mainstream media who think they are open minded, never change their minds even when presented with new evidence. Lucky for the prosecution that the media does not stay current on such topics or has the energy or inclination to be concerned about the possibility of someones innocence.

The disturbing issue is that the general public has no capacity for critical thinking or analysis. Many stories have more gaping holes than the surface of Yucca Flats, yet these anomalies are totally ignored. Look at the members of several religious sects who believe things no rational person would believe cognitive dissonanceyet attacking these beliefs as the frauds they are is politically incorrect.

A lot of people have been brain washed, and we have to accept that. A lie that is repeated multiple times becomes truth if it is not debunked immediately.Wehner does remember, though, that Bob wore a priest robe, had a birthmark or mole on the left side of his torso, and a scar on his lower right abdomen. By far the biggest suspect posed by The Keepers is Edgar Davidson, the only suspect still alive during the time of filming.

After Margaret and Davidson separated, he was arrested for stealing a car and loitering outside the local middle school, trying to pick up middle school girls. The doc makers actually got the chance to interview Davidson, but he seemed too senile to be a reliable source, becoming easily confused and taking long pauses. As The Keepers explains, Davidson is further connected to Cesnik through a necklace that Davidson gave Margaret for Christmas one year — a silver wedding bell with a green stone.

That necklace is suspected to be the same necklace Cesnik was out buying for her sister and future brother-in-law as an engagement gift on the night of her disappearance.

He said he never saw Cathy that night, but many fans online are taking his pregnant pauses accompanied with sad facial expressions as proof that, on some level, he knows something. The filmmakers questioned Davidson about whether or not he drives with two feet a decidedly unconventional way to drive. Upon further prompting, Davidson admits with a nod that, yes, back in the day when he could drive, he drove with two feet.

He had very weird ways. One night, Barbara says, her then-husband Ronnie came home covered in blood. Just like with Bill. Maybe he thought I knew something. Maybe he thought I knew too much. Eventually, Billy moved home because he was so distraught.

She was wrong.

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The whole thing was very bizarre. Once the murder happened, he became a very tortured soul. Because I killed a woman.

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We put her behind the shop. But, despite anecdotal evidence, none of that is enough to implicate the men. But as The Keepers points out, the investigation is still ongoing. Caitlin Busch. Edgar Davidson, a suspect in the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. Related Tags Netflix. Results for:.Hopefully, it will lead to a lot of healing. There has also been a lot of movement in terms of investigating Maskell. Maskell died inand until his death, he had denied the allegations.

Here's What Happened to Father Maskell After 'The Keepers'

According to the Baltimore SunMaskell worked as a psychologist amid his sexual abuse allegations in the United States. Whether he assessed any children or teens during his time in Ireland could not yet be determined by the agency doing the review.

In July, a Change. Lastly, a few weeks before the series came out, Maryland extended the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse, on which the senate voted unanimously. The previous statute of limitations provided that child sex abuse victims could only sue until age 25 — now, they can sue until the age of The series will end up shaking the branches in Baltimore and nationwide to have more information coming out that could lead to justice and murder being solved.

More than 40 years after her death, the case of Sister Cathy Cesnik's murder is still unsolved. Netflix's documentary series "The Keepers" dives into the case and uncovers a web of abuse that may be the source of a cover up and the murder. Here's our quick guide to all the people in "The Keepers" you need to know.

She suffered blunt force trauma to her head and the case remains open to this day. Joyce Malecki The year-old Baltimore woman went missing on Nov. Her body was found in a wooded area two days later. Some suspect the same person killed both women, but authorities have never been able to find a link in their cases. Father A. Joseph Maskell An administrator, psychologist and counselor at Keough when Sister Cathy was a teacher there, Maskell has been accused by dozens of students and other children of sexual abuse.

Maskell was never tried or convicted of any crimes, and he died in Father Neil Magnus Another of the administrators at Keough, Magnus was accused of participating in sexually abusing students along with Maskell. Magnus died in and was never charged with any crimes. She was part of the Keough class of Before that, Gemma spent 37 years as an elementary school teacher. Schaub was previously a nurse.

The pair lived in the Carriage House Apartments building instead of at the convent, in an attempt to get closer to the secular world to better serve their students. When she realized Sister Cathy was missing, she called Koob, and together with him and McKeon, the three later called the police. Edgar Davidson According to his first wife, who speaks in the documentary under condition of anonymity, Davidson talked about being involved in Sister Cathy's murder in In "The Keepers," Davidson said he called a radio show years later and said he had information about the case.Is 'Thread of Deceit' on Netflix?

The mysterious Brother Bob is never given a last name or any further identifiers. Who is this figure, what do we know about him from the series, and what are internet sleuths saying about him? The episode largely focuses on her theory that Sister Cathy was murdered for knowing about the sexual abuse church members were inflicting on students. Not much is known beyond that.

Who Is Brother Bob in ‘The Keepers’? Everything We Know About Sister Cathy’s Alleged Killer

Wehner alleges that she was raped by Brother Bob from behind. Most of the horrifying stories Wehner has about Brother Bob are connected to Father Maskell in some way. Wehner believes he is as do many viewers. In Episode 4Wehner claims that Father Maskell left her alone in his office one time. However, it is worth noting that Sister Cathy suffered from blunt force trauma to her head prior to her death. In the final episode of the docu-seriesWehner, who has been remembering more and more about her abuse, recalls a few more details about Brother Bob.

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She mentions that he had markings on his abdomen. There have been several so far, but no widely popular theories have emerged. Others have speculated that Brother Bob is actually a pseudonym for another subject who appears in the film. All of these theories have been shot down on various Reddit threads. Stream The Keepers on Netflix. Email Sign Up. Where to Stream: The Keepers. Tags Netflix sister cathy cesnik The Keepers. Share Selection Facebook Twitter. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

father maskell brother bob

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